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Thinking of you always  / Lauren Collier (Friend)
Danielle, For no reason yesterday I decided I would look through some of my photo albums and I came across pictures from our sophmore dance .. wow, it seems so long ago. It was such a good time and I'll never forget dancing to Madonna like we owned that song - ha! How about the pizza party we had for homeroom? I have so many pictures of us stuffing our face, because there was like 5 of us there total! Well, I miss you and love you always.
Thinking of you  / Lacey Carney (Friend)
Wow, it's been a while since I wrote to you. Today just made me think about you a lot. These past 3 months have been crazy with people passing was the 4th one (Ms. Shay). I still feel like it was just yesterday that you left us, and it's already been over 2 years, yet it still seems unreal. I was reading one of Nicole's messages to you about how you got stuck up at Albright in the snow storm. I remember it like yesterday that you i/med me with your DoubleD screen name asking me if I know who it was, like it wasn't obvious lol. We talked for an over hour about how boys suck haha, how hungover you were lol, and how much you missed AP and me (your favorite freshman, oh and kelly eash your favorite sophomore lol). I'm just so glad that even though it was one of the last times I talked to you, we both told each other we loved each other. I still have that conversation saved to this day, and often just read it when I think of you. I hope you're doing awesome up there and watching over all of us...and playing some volleyball! Ha! Everyone loves and misses you so much. We all think about you everyday<3 I love and miss youuu.
Birthday / MOM (Mother)

Today would have been the magic birthday, 22 on the 22nd.  I remember so clearly the day you were born.  You were a big chubby 9 1/2 pound doll.  I wish you were here to celebrate.  We all miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  Please watch over us, my beautiful Angel!!

Missing You  / Jacqueline Rowe (Best Friend )
Hey Dani... 
I  think about you everyday, Everyday when im driving alone i think of all of our fun memories and silly inside jokes sometimes i find myself laughing to myself, i wish that we could be laughing together,I will never forget those memories. 
 I love and miss you soo very much,
In your memory  / MOM (mother)
Hey Boo,
     I hope you know that even though you are not with us here, that your memory will help others.

  I pray that no other parent will have to go through the loss of their child and no other kids will have to suffer through the loss of their sister or brother.  

I think about you every day and you are in my heart always.

I love you and miss you so much!!
My Angel  / Kristin Sharkey (Best Friend )
Doodles, I think about you everyday. Whether its something I hear or think. It breaks my heart to know your in heaven but when I remember the momeries we have together I break a little smile. To know we shared so many together makes me so thankful enough that we are Best Friends and you were a big part of my life. I love you and miss you so much. I know you and my daddy (pappa shark) My two best Guardian Angels** are guiding me as I continue on. When I break and fall I know your by my side. I love you and miss you so much. Best Friends Forever!! Sha Dig
*2 Years*  / Nicole D'Angelo (Sister)
Hey Sis!! I can't believe its been two years already. Words can't even describe how much I miss you. Can u believe I graduated college! Right now I'm just in the process of looking at jobs...Lauren and Jackie are also working! This is the first summer I'm not a lifeguard lol. You always used to come down to the pool and lay out and put snackbar food on my tab haha. I always thinnk about all the memories we had together... they were always good ones. Most of them are us laughing and making jokes. There is so much I want to tell you, but I don't know how to put it in words. Keep watching over me everyday.  I love you so much Danielle...*sisters forever*
2 years...  / Lauren Collier (friend)
Danielle, wow - it's been two years today since I got the phone call. I cannot believe it's been two years. I cannot imagine how your family and your closest friends must feel. Just know that you are always missed and forever loved.

Love ya and miss you,
2 years  / Mom (Mother)
Two years ago today you left us and not a day goes by that I don't think of you.  It still feels like yesterday.  I can still see your smile and hear your laugh.  Your sisters and I miss you so much!! Words can never describe the empty feeling inside.  I wish I could have just one more day with you.  I wish I could turn back the clock and change everything that happened that night.  I know we will meet in heaven someday Boo.  You are forever in my heart and sadly missed. 

Please watch over us my Beautiful Angel!!
Love MOM
missin u  / Jesse Proffitt (friend)

i been thinkin alot about u latley home dawg n i never wrote on your page so i thought i would... i was reading what a couple people wrote n when i read kady's it made me laugh... hard.... just because of all the stupid ass memories... we had some good times... some bad ones ... dude we go back to marshall road days... what a waste those 2 summers were... haha... i still remember like it was yesterday we walked in A.P. as freshman with our heads held high like we were the shit... hah we were such nerds... and somehow u weasled ur way to move in my locker... u took that thing over.. b4 u came there was a bookbag that never made it home and some loose leaf paper... the next day i had a softball bag, cleats, books and god knows what else... haha or what about the time me n marcus let u n kristin talk us into dressing us up as hookers for halloween... haha another bad move.. i ended up lookin like my mom n marcus looked like a retarded version of the tennis player venus williams... haha who the hell knows what we were thinkin.... but i wish u were still here... we all miss u like hell... who would've ever thought me n kady would have ended up bein together with a baby... a beautiful baby girl that i no ur one of her angels... i guess all them years of kady stalkin me finally paid off.... haha.. and u did have braces on longer then anyone i know...i got into a really bad car accident about 5 months after you left and till this day i swear u were my guardian angel that night because if u look at my car there was no way that i should've made it out alive... it was bad and i was pretty banged up but obvisiouly it wasnt my time to go... the lord has another plan for me... and i no its to raise my beautiful daughter Ava... the right way...well im gonna go i have so much more to say and so many more funny memories that i'll have to share another time... Me, Kady and baby Ava will always keep u in our prayers DD... watch over us... Love always Jesse aka "home dawg" 

Missing you..  / Kady Egan (Friend)
Its been so long since Ive wrote, but Ive been so busy with my little Ava. Not a day passes that you dont cross my mind. I miss you so much and wish you could be here to see my little girl. Or even just to see how me and Jesse ended up together and had a baby together. Remember when I was like obsessed with him?!? haha. We used to walk to folcroft every day to hang out with him. Now we live together and have a baby. I cant believe its coming up on 2 years already since you left us. Its still so unreal to me. I seen your little sister Jackie last week, she looks so much like you its crazy. She is getting so old and she is so beautiful. I havent been up to visit the cemetary in awhile and it beats me up inside. Sometimes I feel like its easier to deal with things if you avoid them, but Im starting to realize thats not the way to handle things cause then it just builds up inside. I miss you alot.. We all do. Life really isnt the same without you. My baby shower was really rough, Seeing all the girls there, knowing that you couldnt be there. I know you were looking down on me and protecting my daughter. I guess you are one of her guardian angels now, along with my Daddy and I cant wait to tell her about you! I always think of so much I wanna say to you, but then once I get on her I seem to draw a blank. So Im gonna stop now, but I want you to know that I love you so much and miss you more then ever<3
My thoughts are with you  / Maria Chirico (passerby)
I just happened to be going through this and found you .  Your daughter is beautiful.. I recently lost my son, Daniel Chirico on Oct 28, 2006.  I see how no one has forgotten your beautiful daugther and continues to write to her.  I hope the same for my son.  She must have been so very special I can surely see that.  God bless you and your family ...I am sure it is a tough road to travel well I actually know it is and believe I am still numb.  Your daughter is always with you ..I do believe that... Maybe her and my son met in heaven..

God Bless you all
missing you  / Nicole D'Angelo (sister)  Read >>
missing you  / Nicole D'Angelo (sister)
hey danielle, can you believe that i am graduating college in less than two months!!! i remember when you came up to visit me for like a week (only because we had a snowstorm lol), but admit, you had fun! I still have this great pic of me, you and laur in a frame from when you guys would come up to visit me. I know that you are going to be so proud of me after graduation. I still wish you were here to see me. Mom, me laur and jack will all be together at aunt chrissy's soon and it still won't be the same with out you there. you have pop-pop with you now in heaven and i know you two are watching down on us. i wish you had the chance to meet my boyfriend bob, he is such a great guy and he always says how beautiful you are. He always jokes how he had never seen sisters who are all so pretty in one family lol. Oh and also, I played volleyball today, and it reminded me of you...(i am SOO out of shape) I will definitely never be as good as you :) Just know that I am thinking of you everyday. Watch over me sis and wish me luck in my future. I know who will be my guardian angel. i love you so much. xoxoxoxoxo SISTERS FORVER <3 Close
Missing you  / MOM   Read >>
Missing you  / MOM
Hey Boo!  Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.  So many things have gone on in our lives.  I hope you and POP-POP are hanging together.  Jackie will be getting her braces off next month and it made me think back of how long you had yours on for.  We thought you would never get them off by graduation.  But you did and then you were even more beautiful.  I'm having a hard time having to go through your things that are still over Aunt Chrissy's.  I haven't been able to deal with it yet and its been over 1 1/2 years, which still blows my mind. Especially when I was going through my photo albums.  It seems like just yesterday I was watching you get ready for the prom and going to your games.  I can still see you standing in the bathroom putting on your make-up and doing your hair....which took forever.  I have to have a good cry but I keep pushing it back.  It still doesn't seem real.  I feel like you just went away for a little while and you're gonna be home someday.  I found the guardian Angel pin I got for you-alot of good that did.   I guess you're our guardian Angel now.  I miss you so much.  Please smile down on us all.  Love MOM  Close
Miss you so much!!  / Amanda Dorman (Friends)  Read >>
Miss you so much!!  / Amanda Dorman (Friends)
I'm so sorry I havent been on here in so long itz just so hard to look at all this and realize your truely gone!! So much has happen since you left us we have all grown up and itz sad that were not the same group of friends we use to be without you. You were so special to us and meant the world to everyone. I know that everything happens for a reason but I just havent found the reason behind this yet but I'm sure one day my heart will heal and I will see you again. I miss the days we spent together but you will always be my best friend and I know your watching over me taking care of me. I love you and miss you so0o much doodles!! Close
missing you...  / Lauren D'Angelo (sister)  Read >>
missing you...  / Lauren D'Angelo (sister)
Last nite me Jackie Kim and dad and all went to Frankies show in Philly... and your song played and I thought of you so much and it really touched our hearts.. we all had tears in our eyes.. oh how i miss you so much Danielle!!!!  It's still so hard without you here. Keep watching over us angel.  I love you with all my heart sis xoxo

Laur Close
Holidays / MOM (Mom)  Read >>
Holidays / MOM (Mom)
I can't believe it's been another Christmas without you.  So many memories run through my head.  Especially the past few days when all your sisters are together.  I think back when you all had to have Starter Jackets and Swishy pants, Nike headbands and 'N Sync everything.  Or the year I hid the 10 speed bikes in the backroom and the Christmas when you all got Cell Phones (prepaid) lol.  Your first phone for your bedroom and a CD player.
     I can go on and on but it's so hard.  I miss you so much!!  Please watch down on your sisters this Holiday 
Season.  We think of you all the time and you make us Smile.  Beautiful Angel
Love Forever,
MOM Close
*Merry Christmas to my Angel*  / Nicole D'Angelo (Sister)  Read >>
*Merry Christmas to my Angel*  / Nicole D'Angelo (Sister)

Merry Christmas!! I know that you are here with us today. Our new dog Angel that we got last year for Christmas reminds me of you so much. She lays around, sleeps with us, and is always in the room when Lauren, Jackie and I are hanging out together. She always wants to be a part of us, and I feel that there is a part of you in her. I miss you so much, it's hard sometimes through out the holidays, but I know that you are watching over us and you want us to be happy. I think about you everyday. That was funny..the joke that me and you played on Lauren a few years ago. haha. Me and her were talking about that today. All the memories that we have of you are good ones, and ones that remind us how beautiful and happy you always were. I love you so much. Sisters Always, Forever in my Heart. xoxoxoxo -NIKKI

Merry Christmas sister  / Lauren D'Angelo (sister)  Read >>
Merry Christmas sister  / Lauren D'Angelo (sister)

Hey Danielle, today was as hard as any other day to get by without you, but the one thing about Christmas that sticks in my mind is when we were at dads exchanging gifts and you had this box for me and you were telling me I'll love it and how great it is and if I dont like it, you'll take i open it and its a box of trash!! haha
.. the things you did to make me laugh I'll never forget.  I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and I know that you were with us in spirit today.  I love you so much and I know you are celebrating today with all of the angels, but I know they aren't as beautiful as you. Watch over us and know we did not forget about you.  I miss you like crazy everyday!!!!  xoxooox goodnite angel

best friend  / Mallori (Best Friend )  Read >>
best friend  / Mallori (Best Friend )
    its been a while since ive been on this site, its early morning christmas eve..cant sleep thinking about you. Its hard to read all the things people write about you in the past tense, im not sure thats how i think of you yet. i miss you. i was thinking earlier about being out front of my house on my sixteenth birthday in our AP sweats just laughing and giggling about nothing just like we always did, in our little dumb voices we'd make up that now i treasure so much and try to remember (every one), we had the best times than. well be 21 together in about 2 birthday, something that was a dream that nite out front of my house. your my best friend and now my angel too! always stay with me please. you are so missed by everone. look down and share that bright smile of yours with everyone, we need it this time of year, i love you..Merry Christmas Danielle..i still have half of that sled you broke a few years back..(the one you named, lol) hopefully it snows this year.....goodnight Close
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